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COVID-19 Saliva Test

You do NOT need to fill out this form or pay money here anymore.  Proceed straight to can provide a physician order for a saliva or nasal COVID test.  We will send the order to Soft Cell and notify you via text or email. 

Once the order is sent, you can follow the instructions on the Soft Cell website to be tested. You are responsible for paying Soft Cell for the actual test. They do accept some medical insurance.
Pay $9.95 
with the form below

Covid-19 Test Request Form

You are paying for a provider to send an order to Soft Cell Labs for a COVID-19 Test.  You will pay Soft Cell for the actual test.
Please complete and submit the form below to purchase an order for COVID.  The information will be used for our provider to order your test.  Additional information in this form is requested by Soft Cell for billing and reporting.
Select Your Symptoms
COVID Test Type

If you are having moderate to severe shortness of breath, you should be tested in an emergency room or urgent care.

Public reporting question for the CDC
Symptomatic as defined by CDC?
First COVID-19 Test?
Employed in Healthcare
Resident of assisted living or other congregete care setting?
Billing information for Soft Cell Labs
Insured Sex

Thanks for your purchase. Our providers submit orders twice a day. We will notify you when your order is submitted.

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