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At Test You, we are looking to lower your cost of healthcare.  We have created a fast and easy way for you to get a provider to order the test you need or want.  We order Lab Tests, X-rays, and COVID tests. We help bypass your first doctors appointment.  If you know the lab test or X-ray you want or need, we will help you get there without having to sit in a waiting room or convince a physician in an appointment.  For a small fee, we will order the lab test or X-ray you need so you can get answers quick. is a website designed to empower the user to explore your own health. Answer a few questions about the test you want and it will be ordered for you by a physician or nurse practitioner. You can choose the lab or radiology location. You will NOT have to wait for an appointment or talk to a doctor.


Simply enter your information. Once the test results are available, you will be notified. You can then choose if you want to go to your physician and pay for his or her expert opinion about your condition.

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Call or Text: (435) 215-7939

Fax: (435) 272-4104

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