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COVID-19 Group Tests can provide physician orders for a saliva or nasal COVID tests.  We will send the orders to Soft Cell and notify the group leader of the results via email and each member via text. 
Once the order is sent you can follow the instructions on the Soft Cell website to be tested. Group accounts are designed to be paid by a single payer that is not a health insurance company.
for a physician order



COVID-19 Testing Group Registration

You are paying for a provider to send an order to Soft Cell Labs for a COVID-19 Test.  You will pay Soft Cell for the actual test.
Please complete and submit the form below to purchase an order for COVID.  The information will be used for our provider to order your test.  Additional information in this form is requested by Soft Cell for billing and reporting.



Each person in the group must provide permission for the group leader or company to have access to the test results. 

Online consent can be provided by having each person go to the link below and provide consent

Written consent can be provided by filling out the paper form and emailing it to



Pay for the above requested orders. 


The registration form requires the group be entered in sets of 20. You can make a single purchase for all of your group at this point.

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