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Physician Ordering a test

Get low cost physician orders for COVID, Labs and X-rays without having to see your doctor. Test You will save you time and money while helping you get the answers you need.  You may still need to see a medical provider for a treatment plan once you have your test results.

THE CONCEPT is a website designed to empower the user to explore your own health. Answer a few questions about the test you want and it will be ordered for you by a physician or nurse practitioner. You can choose the lab or radiology location. You will NOT have to wait for an appointment or talk to a doctor.


Just enter your information. Once the test results are available, you will be notified. You can then choose if you want to go to your physician and pay for his or her expert opinion about your condition.

THE COST charges as little as $4.95 to have a provider order a test for you and post the results. Further discounts apply when more tests are ordered.


The lab or radiology department will have their own prices which you pay independently.  Our physician orders will improve the chance your insurance company will cover the charges.


Medical Advice:

Our providers order the test for you.  Once you have the result, you will often need to see a primary care or urgent care for the advice or treatment that follows.


X Rays: Due to radiation exposure Test You will only order 3 X ray series per person per year.

CT Scans and MRIs should be done after a detailed review of your case by a professional.  We defer those test to your primary care provider as well.