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Rib Series XR

Rib Series XR

A rib series is a group of X rays shot at different angles to better see a broken rib. An X ray will often not detect broken ribs even when done right. Broken ribs usually do not need treatment because they are held tightly in place. If part of your chest is not moving the right way when you breath go to the ER. This may be a "Flailed Chest" which is a medical emergency.

    X rays come with radiation exposure that can be harmful in high doses. We Limit each customer to 3 X rays per year to avoid over exposure. There is a limit of 1 per year for children. To get more X rays than this you should see a doctor to help you decide if the exposure risk is appropriate.
  • Your Purchase:

    You are paying for a provider to order the test. The actual cost of the test will be billed separate by the testing facility.
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